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Lat Mhu Club offers various online and offline art & craft courses for the youths, women and disabled to create extra income for their living hood.


Polymer Clay Jewellery (Short Course)


"ပထမဆုံး လက်မှုclub ရဲ့ဆရာ/မတွေနဲ့ coordinator အစ်ကို/အစ်မတွေကိုကျေးဇူးတင်ပါတယ်။ အခုက crochet last week ရောက်နေပါပြီ သင်ခဲ့တဲ့တောက်လျှောက်လဲအစစအရာရာအဆင်ပြေပါတယ် မသိနားမလည်တာရှိရင် viber gp မှာပြန်ရှင်းပြတော့ တက်ရတာအဆင်ပြေခဲ့ပါတယ် နောက် batch တွေလည်းအများကြီးအဆင်ပြေပြေထပ်ဖွင့်နိုင်ပါစေ။ ကျေးဇူးအများကြီးတင်ပါတယ်။"
Basic Crochet & Digital Marketing


A brief story about the problem

Nowadays, the craft community and craft artisans face other challenges such as patents, price, and other issues, that’s why our social enterprise focuses primarily on these three major issues.

Job Opportunities

Craftsmen in both urban and  rural regions are losing job prospects and are not being compensated fairly for their efforts.


Unstable  Art & Craft Product Pricing and a Market Gap

Lack of Inheritance

Traditional art and craft styles are disappearing eventually


A brief story about the solutions

With these two solutions, a group of people who are the craft
artisans, women, disabilities and deaf will be directly affected with
the advantages.

Lat Mhu Club Learning Website

With the Lat Mhu Club learning website, we will create job opportunities for the craft artisans as instructors and able to inheritance the traditional art and craft style of ASEAN countries all over the world.  Moreover, we will share the knowledge for how to build the craft business successfully and other related things that the craft artisans should have. Following that, we are planning to solve the SDGs No.1 No Poverty & No.4 Quality Education problems with the Lat Mhu Club Craft Learning Website.

Lat Mhu Club E-Commerce

With this  Lat Mhu Shop E-Commerce, we plan to solve the SDGs No.1  No Poverty and No. 8 Decent Work & Economic Growth because craft artisans can sell their products all over the world and are able to join the international market easily. Moreover, they will also be able to showcase their portfolio and product histories on that portal. And then, in collaboration with artists and artisans, we will assist them in obtaining market standard rates and bridging the market gap


Let’s Make A Big Impact Together!

Lat Mhu Club is also focusing on these 3 goals. WHY?

In Myanmar, most of the craft artisans are from rural areas because of that they can’t reach out the job opportunities and can’t sell their products on the international markets with standard price and face poverty even though they can create unique and impressive products. According to the Covid-19 and political issues in my country, the craft businesses are stopped and some craft artisans are not getting their salary regularly as usual. Moreover, the craft market is not stable and there are no platforms to sell their craft in one place. That’s why our social enterprise is here to fix those problems with technologies. Lat Mhu Club is designed to help different customers like craft artisans, students, women, disabilities and the deaf. With the Lat Mhu Club website, the craft artisans can share their craft techniques to create their income to the youths, women and that will also solve the lack of inheritance of the traditional art & craft styles and techniques. The profit we got from those paid classes will also help the disabled, deaf and orphans to join our vocational course which includes craft, digital marketing and English for free to start their own craft business and we will also provide them with study kits. That will be a win-win situation for all the customers and we will fulfil the goal of Quality Education. Next with our E-commerce platforms, not only the craft artisans will be able to sell their products but also our students will be able to sell their products across the ASEAN countries. So, this is also the way that we can fulfil the goal of no poverty and decent work and economic growth. On that platforms, deaf, disabled, single-moms can also able to create their income with “Lat Mhu”, craft

With Us?


Able to learn the traditional art & craft of ASEAN countries with us!


Able to create the art and craft products with us!


Able to sell their art and craft products with us!

Mission Stages

We are planning to go step by step to reach our goals.


Run the craft course with digital platforms and help the artisans to sell their products with digital marketing on social media
platforms, contribute the craft courses on the disabled, deaf and orphan school


Move to the Lat Mhu Club
Learning Websites, Lat Mhu Shop E-Commerce Websites, Craft Artisans Trainings


Vocational Institute, Offline
Courses, partnership,
invest in craft start up,
government recognizations
and contribute the craft
course in the rural areas


Course Creation

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Artisans Training

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Small Craft Business Training

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Patent Service

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Offering Art & Craft Courses

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Product Branding & Production Service

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Lat Mhu Club has officially run on June 18, 2021 with the team. From June to October, we offered three courses: a nine-week basic course that included crochet and digital marketing, as well as a “3 in 1 Embroidery” course that included embroidery, English, and digital marketing basics. Furthermore, we launched crochet, embroidery, paper quilling, and burmese motifs as main courses in January 2022 for those who want to learn from the ground up. In addition, as a Lat Mhu Club short course, we opened the crochet crop cardigan and polymer clay workshops. A total of 42 students enrolled in our courses, with 16 receiving free tuition as a result of a scholarship. Following that, eight virtual workshops such as CD Art Workshop, Better Marketing Better Income, Your Embroglish Days, “Tazaungdaing Motephoe” Program for the kids from Share It Forward, “Pyin Nyar Satuditar”, Craft Workshop For Women which is collabed with Open Space Myanmar and “Healing With Crafts” program with so many guests to generate more interest in the art and craft community Additionally, we held the competitions for crocheters and mask competition to raise the awareness of Covid-19. As the offline events, we also held an indoor bazaar at American University of Yangon, free crochet, embroidery, and paper quilling workshops at Rangoon’s Tea House, and clay and fabric workshops with the “Padauk Theme” in at American University of Yangon.

Workshops & Events
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Lat Mhu Club was selected to participate in the Unlock Your Startup Dream Mentorship Program, which was organized by the 2020 December Myanmar Youth Initiative. Moreover, we were also able to participate in the ASEAN Foundation’s Social Enterprise Development Program as a representative from Myanmar, alongside the other 19 selected Asean Social Enterprises.