About Us

Lat Mhu Club is a social enterprise that combines art, craft, and technology, founded on November 15th, 2020 with the purpose of enhancing and strengthening traditional art and craft courses, art and craft societies, and artisans.

What is Lat Mhu Club?

“Lat Mhu” means “Craft” in Myanmar language and the full meaning of Lat Mhu Club is the Craft Club. It  is a social enterprise based in Myanmar that was built on 15th Nov 2020. It was started by Aye Mya Mya Phoo, an 18 years old university student who is currently working as Chief Executive Officer at Lat Mhu Club. We focus on handing down craft artistry from both Myanmar and ASEAN countries to keen youths to be able to make a living out of crafts. Not only this, Lat Mhu Club also focuses on solving some problems and issues included in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals SDG – SDG (1) No Poverty, SDG (4) Quality Education, SDG (8) Decent Work and Economic Growth. With Lat Mhu Club, people can “Learn, Create & Sell” their art & craft products for their livinghood.

Our Vision

“To Foster The Craft Community & Artisans through ASEAN Countries”

Our Mission

We are trying to relay the traditional art and craft of ASEAN Countries to the youths. Next, we’re creating income opportunities by using handicrafts. Moreover, we connect the craft artisans and craft lovers with both B to B and B to C ways. We also try to solve the language barriers and digital skills which craft artisans need. Helping craft artisans to sell their craft products in the international market is one of our missions

Why did we start the Lat Mhu Club?

Lat Mhu Club wants to show the world Myanmar’s Arts and Crafts. We started Lat Mhu Club with the heart of wanting to include youths in the discovery of less well-known craft and relay traditional arts and crafts. Arts and crafts is actually a field of study that should be honored and favored and used to make personal income. However, in our country, it is often perceived as something that is done only in our free time as a hobby. Furthermore, we grew up with an education system where art classes, craft classes and any other classes that involve creativity were replaced with English, Math and other subject classes resulting in us not having much exposure to handicraft and creativity. So we did not have a chance to encounter or explore the depths of our creative souls throughout our school years. We also observed the drop in the respect and value that people have towards arts and crafts. For all the reasons above, we started Lat Mhu Club to revive people’s love,expectations and knowledge on arts and crafts and for youths to put their interest in the field. On the other hand, we also aim to aid artisans on job opportunities, to make side income by teaching youths regarding their specialized crafts and most importantly, to be able to make money in the industry with valuable standard and right and fair price.

What have we accomplished?

Lat Mhu Club got a chance to participate in Unlock Your Startup Dream’s Mentorship Programin 2020 December led by Myanmar Youth Initiative. We were also able to take part in the Social Enterprise Development Program hosted by ASEAN Foundation as a representative from Myanmar alongside the other 19 selected Asean Social Enterprises. We were able to start running our operations in June 2020 and have hosted both offline workshops and  virtual events such as “CD Craft Workshop”, “Better Marketing Better Income”, “Your Embroglish Days”,” Tazaungdine Mote Phoe”, “Healing With Crafts” etc. Apart from arts and crafts, we’ve also opened Digital Marketing and English courses like Crochet + Digital Marketing Course and 3 in 1 Embroidery Course at a reasonable price and offered all-expenses-paid scholarships to 14 students. We award and provide free study supplies to talented and outstanding students and donate to emergency locations.Moreover, we launched the main courses for crochet, paper quilling, embroidery, burmese motifs and some other short courses. Additionally,  We’ve also opened the Lat Mhu Shop private group, a hub for artisans to sell their products independently and free of charge.

Old Trademark

New Trademark

What are our plans?

We have worked hard to open art and craft courses for youngsters on a systematic basis through virtual learning and in-person workshops. We will also donate half of our money from lessons to emergency contributions, materials required for disabled and special needs children to learn crafts, and to assist them in using crafts as a source of income. We are also focused on selling arts and crafts items both locally and abroad through our own ECommerce site, Lat Mhu Shop.

How can you help Lat Mhu Club?

Lat Mhu Club needs artisans who can help relay their knowledge to youths. We would like to invite artisans to join us to help improve the craft community by sharing your art & craft lessons and selling your art & craft products.


You can also help us by joining our free events and workshops, sharing Lat Mhu Club with your friends and other craft enthusiasts.

Mission Stages

We are planning to go step by step to reach our goals.

Run the craft course with digital platforms and help the artisans to sell their products with digital marketing on social media platforms, contribute the craft courses on the disabled, deaf and orphan school


Move to the Lat Mhu Club Learning Websites, Lat Mhu Shop E-Commerce Websites, Craft Artisans Trainings


Vocational Institute, Offline Courses, partnership, invest in craft start up, government recognizations and contribute the craft course in the rural areas