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Lat Mhu Club is also focusing on these 3 goals. WHY?

In Myanmar, most of the craft artisans are from rural areas because of that they can’t reach out the job opportunities and can’t sell their products on the international markets with standard price and face poverty even though they can create unique and impressive products. According to the Covid-19 and political issues in my country, the craft businesses are stopped and some craft artisans are not getting their salary regularly as usual. Moreover, the craft market is not stable and there are no platforms to sell their craft in one place. That’s why our social enterprise is here to fix those problems with technologies. Lat Mhu Club is designed to help different customers like craft artisans, students, women, disabilities and the deaf. With the Lat Mhu Club website, the craft artisans can share their craft techniques to create their income to the youths, women and that will also solve the lack of inheritance of the traditional art & craft styles and techniques. The profit we got from those paid classes will also help the disabled, deaf and orphans to join our vocational course which includes craft, digital marketing and English for free to start their own craft business and we will also provide them with study kits. That will be a win-win situation for all the customers and we will fulfil the goal of Quality Education. Next with our E-commerce platforms, not only the craft artisans will be able to sell their products but also our students will be able to sell their products across the ASEAN countries. So, this is also the way that we can fulfil the goal of no poverty and decent work and economic growth. On that platforms, deaf, disabled, single-moms can also able to create their income with “Lat Mhu”, craft

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